How I Got My First Pet

My story about getting my first pet was the best. One day me and my family were walking in Desert Sky Mall and we saw a nice lady with a puppy and she was just walking around telling people if they wanted the dog but everyone said no. At last she came up to us and she asked us if we wanted the puppy my parents said ‘’no’’ so she walked she away but I wined and cried and finally my parents said fine you can get the puppy but under 3 conditions only if we see her again with the puppy, the 2 condition you take care of it, 3 condition you pay attention to it and take it showers so I said yes. Then we kept shopping but we saw the lady and I ran up to her and said ‘’My mom said ‘’We can keep the dog’’ so can we have it? ‘’ she said ‘’yes’’

That same day we went shopping for everything the puppy needed witch was food, a big bed (just incase it grew to be big),a bowl, diapers for puppies, a leash, a towel and other stuff that the puppy needed. I thought it was gonna be easy to take care of a puppy but it was really hard the puppy didn’t let me take it showers and I was just 2 and I forgot to name the dog and that’s the first thing that you’re supposed to do but I forgot. After my mom came up to me and asked me for my puppies name and I didn’t answer and she said name you’re puppy right so I thought very hard I picked out the names Lightning, Buttercup and Cookie so I tried lightning and he wouldn’t even look at me so I tried buttercup and he ran away so I tried Cookie and he ran up to me and started licking me on my face so that’s how I chose my dogs name.

As the years past by and Cookie started getting sick so my dad took Cookie to the Vet for pets and the vet told my dad that my dog was sick and that he had a bad temperature so my dad paid the bill and came home. The next day we woke up Cookie and my dad were gone but my dad was at work and my mom said that Cookie ran away but that was a lie. My mom and dad told my big sister the real story that my dad gave the dog to the vet cause he really liked him and the vet/doctor bought Cookie a really expensive medicine and then he kept Cookie and took him home. My sister told us the truth and I got so mad I went out side and started running like crazy. The next day I woke up at 10 am. And I saw cookie in he back yard was so happy that my parents got Cookie back.

After I saw Cookie again I was super duper happy I thanked my mom and dad and asked him how and why they got Cookie back. My parents told me that Cookie was really sad with the vet/doctor so he called my dad and told him if he wanted Cookie back and my dad said yes. I asked why did you say yes he answered cause I saw how much he ment to you I was so happy I started crying. So after I was done crying I went outside with Cookie and he was so happy to see me he started chasing me in the yard. After that Cookie started acting really good cause he would eat and let me take him baths.

That Is The Story About When I Got My First Pet.



  • Hi I liked your story a lot.

  • good job your very good at it

  • love your story

  • Thanks everyone :) ;)

  • wow. I love your story. Its really nice :)

  • How old were you when you got your dog?

  • I was about 2 years old.

  • What a powerful story. It sounds like Cookie was really important to you. I’m glad you were able to get him back.

  • The first dog’s are alway’s the best.

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