If you could bottle any memory, open it & revisit it whenever you want, which memory would you choose?

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Memory: I would put the memory my puppy Clifford in a bottle, I remember raising him from a pup and I knew that I was the only one who he would listen to, he wouldn’t even listen to my dad. I always had to call for Clifford when it was feeding time because I was the only one he listened to, he would always fight with his brother, and that would be part of the reason why I could only touch him, because my sister would pull Clifford’s tail to get him off of his brother because his brother, Socks is what we called him, was my sister’s dog.

What would the memory look like in the bottle? It would look like a baby puppy laying on the grass.

The puppy would represent how Clifford was a puppy at heart, and he wasn’t troublesome.

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