Is it better to be an older sibling, a younger sibling, or an only child?

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It is always better to be an younger one.

Iwas a hero when i was only child.I got everything i wanted,i was on top of world.

To make me eat my  mom & dad used to take me to the railway station in our car so that i can have a glimpse of train and have my food.

I was so lucky,lot of books to read and lot of toys for playing.

My father was like gene whichever i asked i was given.

Then i had my sister slowly slowly attraction was towards her and now  i have to adjust everything.

please adjust you are older,she is younger .This is the raga i hear every time now.

You are grown up.Behave like a big boy

oh god , i wish  i was a younger sibling always……



    • Thank you Bard

  • I’m an only child but that makes sense

  • thanks for your comments actually I have touched my computer after 5 months

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