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I am very excited to begin a new adventure with all of you!  What a wonderful opportunity we have to read an excellent novel with new friends from around the world!  We all know that reading is THINKING! So let’s begin!

Here is what is written on the back of the book:

“It was a blustery day.  The flag on the nearby pole snapped in the wind. Billy raced ahead of his family–up the steps to the lookout platform.  As he stood between the Giant’s enormous feet, a sudden gust lifted his cap from his head.  His cap sailed away.  Without thinking, Billy stepped onto the middle rung of the guardrail, leaned over, and reached as far as he could…”

Let’s hear your predictions! What do you think this story is going to be about?  What events do you think will take place?


  • I think Billy was at his house and his hat flew off.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

  • Billy Miller will go to school.

    Billy Miller will not be happy about going to school

    Billy Miller will say he does not want to to school

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