Eating at a fancy restaurant for the first time

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It was one hot sunny day on a Friday evening when my  mom decided that we should go out to eat. I went upstairs to change, got back downstairs, got in the car and we drove away. It was hot outside but I still brought my jacket wrapped around my waist. When we arrived, I looked up and saw a giant red word saying Nelly’s. When we got inside, I noticed the A/C was on making my body shiver making me glad I brought a jacket with me. We went up through the entrance and looked for a family table., we found one with 6 chairs including a toddler chair. We took our seats and I saw a tall lady with long brown hair in a high ponytail coming toward us. I assumed she was a waitress because of her outfit.

“I’ll be right over there when you’re ready to tell me your orders,” she said, handing us a menu.

My parents already knew what they want it and told me to hurry up. I looked over my menu and realized that I didn’t know a single thing on that menu. They all had long and fancy names. I asked my mom if she knew anything about the food on the menu and what she knew sounded nasty. I tried to order something with a long, fancy names that sounded nice and delicious. My mom raised her hand signaling the waitress to come get our orders. We all told her our orders and she took our menus. Five minutes later, I saw a man with at least 5 plates on his hand. I thought the food was for some other family but it was actually for us. He placed it on our table and I was shocked that the food our order was just a medium piece of meat with sauce on the side. I couldn’t believe that long food name with the high price was just that medium piece of meat.  It smelled so good that I had to wait until my sister ate it so I wouldn’t sound hungry. It turned out, she wasn’t even hungry. I took a fork off the table and dig into my food. After 10 seconds of chewing, I started spitting out the food into my napkin. On the other hand, My parents, sisters and brothers were enjoying their food.

“You don’t like it?” My mom said.

“No, it tastes like..idk..nasty,” I replied.

She just stared at me for about 10 good seconds and went back to enjoying her food. I just sat there for about 5 minutes just drinking water and watching my family eat.

“Eat your food,” my mom suggested.

“I don’t want to,” I groaned.

“If you don’t eat it you wont be able to bring your phone with you to school,” she replied.

I watched my sister giggle under her breath.

“Oh ma gawd..fine,” I said, angrily.

She watched me as I played around with my food.

“I’m serious Keith,” she confessed.

I picked up my knife, cut into the meat and dived it into my mouth slowly. I shivered as if I had a really sour candy into my mouth.

“Alright, keep going. I’ll be watching you,” she announced.

I fake smiled and rolled my eyes.

I dug into my meat again, dived it into my mouth for the second time. That was it. I couldn’t possibly eat this meat anymore. I looked over across the table at my mom to see if she was still watching me. She wasn’t. I cut a big half of the meat, placed it on the napkin, smashed it with my hands and put it in my hoodie’s pocket.  There was a little piece of the meat left so i started tapping the fork to get my mom’s attention. She looked over and saw me dive the meat into my mouth.

“I’m done,” I said, relieved.

“Stand up and take off your hoodie” she commended.

I stood up from my chair and did as she said. I watched as the smashed napkin rolled onto the floor.

“Dang!” I shrieked, totally forgetting  I had brought my one pocket hoodie.

“Well, looks like you made your decision,” she said.

I sat back down on my chair angrily and crossed my arms. Five minutes later, everybody was done with their food and we left the restaurant. Next time we go to another restaurant, I’ll remember to ask the waiters/waitresses what each and every food is.


                                                                                      THE END

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