Write a dialogue between these two individuals…

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“Where are you taking me Jane?” Alex said while dragging his feet. “I don’t want to be here.”

“You need some time away from that house Alex. I know that you are trying to put up a tough front but you should know by now that you can’t lie to me. Come on we are almost there,” Jane said grabbing his arm to make him walk faster. They approached a set of railroad tracks and Jane sat down with enthusiasm.

“This is where I come when I need to get away from all of the craziness. Soooo, seeing as you are my best friend I decided to share it with you,” she said looking up at him. When Alex mad no move to sit down she sighed, rolled her eyes at him and said, “Are you just going to stand there or am I going to have to make you sit down?”

Alex closed his eyes and and breathed deeply. The air seemed fresher and the atmosphere was at ease. Shaking his head he walked around to the other side of the tracks and sat across from her. As he sat he sagged his shoulders, crossed his arms, and bowed his head in, what Jane would have described, defeat.

“That bad huh?” Jane asked leaning forward and crossing her wrists over her knees.

“You have no idea Janey. You have no idea.”

“Well Lex, I’m not going to have an idea and i can’t help you unless you tell me. I know when you are okay and you Sir, most certainly are not.”

“I don’t want to bother you with it. It’s not like I’m really worth it anyway,” he said. The last bit so low and so quiet that Jane barley caught it.

“Now why would you go and say a thing like that?” she said. “You know that I am always here for you and that anytime that you need to talk you aren’t bothering me. That’s at least what it said in the best friend handbook.” ¬†Alex cracked a half smile and looked up at her. She smiled at him and said “See? Even when you are in the worst of moods I can still make you smile. Now what happened?”


  • I really like this Hailee! It shows the best friend connection they have and how much Jane cares for Alex. Great job!

  • I like this dialogue because it really shows the relationship between two people.

  • This was very well written. You did a wonderful job with showing how they’re good friends.

  • So you are describing that’s happening in the picture that’s on the front page.

  • So you are pretty much just describing what’s going on in the picture above.

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