Is it better to be an older sibling, a younger sibling, or an only child?

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I think being the older sibling gives you much more responsibilities and power over your other siblings, but it also means that if you have younger siblings then they might get a lot of the attention especially a baby because they have more needs. I think being the older sibling is fun cause if you ever go to a theme park or pool you get to go on the bigger stuff! But it sometimes would be nice to be an only child. Being an only child has some perks like they usually give you all of the attention, also they spend more money on you because they have no other child to spend on so that means more vacations and toys. But being an only child means no siblings and friends. I sometimes wish I was younger. If I were the younger sibling it would be nice cause then you get a lot of the attention and more cloths cause a lot of them are hand-me-downs and imagine all of the toys you get from the older sibling. But sometimes you get treated like a baby from you parents and your always called cute and you get a lot of hugs and kisses from your mom. I think the best is being the older sibling cause you get younger siblings/sibling and your responsible and get to do everything first! What do you think?


  • I really like how you put feeling into your writing. I know how it feels to be an oldest child and a younger child because I am the middle child in my family and being an older child is definitely better than being the younger child.

  • I agree I wish I wasn’t the youngest sibling in my family.

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