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It was cold.

That was the first thought that flew into my head when I touched it.

It was dented at the sides, and my fingers dipped into the small holes as I moved my hand upon the smooth surface. It had no other imperfections, and I spent a few minutes staring at the picture that was painted upon the circular object. Clouds were swimming inside it, along with the murky blue sky. I had mistaken the reflection as water at first, and I was cautious to step near it, for fear that something would jump out. It had not been water, however. The thing was indescribable, a small artifact from the Old World.

Page 64 of the Handbook, section 3, rule number 7. It says, in bold, ‘Anything from the Old World is to be destroyed at first sight‘. The rule was in my mind as I looked at the small circle. As I stood up, I looked regretfully at the foreign object, before wiping the small pieces of dirt off me. My foot slammed into the relic, before the word came to me.


Ashley S. 6th Grade, 2015

1 Comment

  • I really like this and I think that you are really creative. I wish I could hear more!

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