Create a list of things adults love that kids hate.

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Adults and kids usually like very different things, adults have more of an open mind while kids know what they like and don’t tend to try new things as often. So i have created a list of things that adults love, but kids hate.

1. Sleeping- adults love to sleep as much as they can and tend to complain about not sleeping enough, while kids never want to go to bed and complain about having to settle down and go to bed.

2. Coffee- adults usually drink coffee in the morning, and spend a lot of money on coffee each year. They use it to wake up and survive the day at work, kids don’t like coffee because to them it docent taste good and it it bitter.

3. Having nothing to do- adults like having nothing to do because that means they can relax and not have to worry about anything.

4. Wine- to kids wine is disgusting, because it is. to adults its great, not every adult like wine but most like to have a glass after work to relax.

and finally,

5. Going to fancy family parties- adults like to dress up and visit people in the family, kids don’t like crowds as much or having to answer the same question over and over, “hows school?’.

Those are just few things that adults like that kids hate, trust me there are many more.

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  • This is really great and funny! Keep up the hard work!

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