Write a story about a puppy that thinks he's a baby chick.

Hi i’m Fether. I live on the farm. I know I was born by a chicken, but strangly I have paws and no beak. A list of what chickens  have.

  1. Fethers
  2. Beak
  3. claws
  4. eyes

And they also can lay eggs! And here wat I have.

  1. Paws
  2. claws
  3. muzzel
  4. eyes
  5. fur
  6. eres

And I can’t lay eggs! Maby i’m not old unof to lay eggs? Oh some thing that most chickens can’t do that I  can, I can bark! I can also write and read. That is why i’m writing this now. I have to go get swimming tips from my Mom, and so far i’m not good at swimming right now. I’ll be writing soon.