Write an instruction manual for handling a long bus ride.

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  1. Turn the bus on.
  2. Make sure everyone is buckled.
  3. Force them to sign a paper which says that they have to pay fines.
  4. Announce that “this will be a very scary ride”.
  5. Drive to a modification shop. Do this like this:
    1. Put the bus into gear.
    2. Accelerate using the pedal.
    3. Crash into everything you see.
  6. Add a bunch of modifications in order to increase the bus’s horsepower by a lot.
  7. Drive to an airfield using the steps in step 4.
  8. Do one of the following:
    • Get permission to go inside.
    • Break the gate.
  9. Accelerate as hard as you can.
  10. Near the end, start drifting, which can be done by the following method.
    1. Turn off ABS, if available.
    2. Turn of traction control, if available.
    3. Get on the brakes as hard as you can for 1 second.
    4. Start turning.
    5. Once the bus starts to roll, get on the gas fully.
    6. You will hear tires skidding.
    7. Countersteer. Do this by the following methods:
      • If you want to go left, turn left.
      • If you want to go right, turn right.
      • Do this repeatedly in order to achieve a balance in which yourbus is kind of controllable.
      • Of course, if your aim is to kill someone, turn the steering any which way.
  11. Get out of the airfield.
  12. Go to the intended destination.
  13. Charge the passengers for tickets, fines, fees, serving in jail, etc.
  14. Smile smugly.

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  • Do you think you answered the question that this post was intended to answer? I am having trouble with the focus of your response. Maybe you can rethink your response and post a revised version which is on topic. I myself do not enjoy long bus rides and having an idea of how to handle a long trip on a bus is a helpful writing idea. Good Luck Timmy.

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