Your story begins here.

You’ve been lied to.

You have been told a big lie all your life. You think that humans are just regular things, incapable of anything unrealistic. You’ve been told that even if something crazy happened there’s a scientific reason behind it and you are not involved. You are being lied to and no matter what you say or do or try you can’t stop it because it’s always beating you and it’s always there and you just can’t so anything no matter what because you are wrapped around it’s finger and you believe it and it will always follow you where you go and it isĀ superior.

I want you to erase everything from your mind. I want you to clear your mind and think of nothing. Forget everything you know. Just listen to me and think of only what I’m saying. Got that?

Now think. You are above the clouds, on a mountain top, staring at the sun as it peaks up up above. It is so beautiful and warm. It fills you with a great feeling, and you just want to jump. Don’t ask me why, it’s you who wants jump off the mountain. Hey, don’t get ahead. Don’t start imagining yourself falling or flying. Listen to me. You want to jump, because you know that you will not be hurt. And you jump.

Nothing happens. You stay suspended in the air.

Now you can go back to normal. Think about whatever, it’s done. What did you notice? Anything special? Comment what you noticed. Then come back up here.

You’re probably wondering what the big lie is. Well, here it is.































































Wow, you were that desperate to see what the lie was, even though this was completely made up?



  • Ha, Ha, Ha

  • wow, that was funny :)

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Post Privacy Published on November 17 | Adventure & Fantasy
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