Fether #2

Write a story about a puppy that thinks he's a baby chick.


Hi guys! I said that i’m going to write again soon, and I am! See, there are words on this paper and ink, so that means i’m writing! The last time i wrote I was writing in pencal, but today i’m going to write in pen. OK? Great! Lets get started! But before we start, look in the corner now will you? What do you see? That’s right! The date! I found out how to do it! Its not that hard though. OK, so… Oh! I lerened how to lay eggs! They look kind of funky.They look all brown and mooshy, and they tasts sooper bad. So lets talk about some things like… Do you want me to tell you about my sister? Ok. So she is just like mama because she is a fluff ball, she have a beck, she have fethers, she have legs, and all the stuff that chickens have. Oh! I didn’t tell you her name! Her name is Ella. That’s a rely good name don’t you think? OK. Do you want me to tell you a game I learned? I do know that this is not important, but I have nothing to say. Ok, so the game I learned to play is tag. So you run around and try not to fall, if you do you need to see mama for a check up, then when mama is done you are out. I love that game and I seem to win all the time. I never fall. Ok. Oh No! I half to go and go to the swim rase! I all ways lose! Ok so ill be writing back soon. Bye!