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Sixteen. That was the age that I “disappeared”. But I didn’t disappear. I just left. I changed my name and now Im on the run. Im not really sure what I’m running from exactly. I have a normal family, a sister a mom and a dad. I had a average house and lifestyle, I was a star student. While travelling I have met people who I will never forget, and people I wish I had never met. But I wouldn’t go back even if I was offered a million dollars. I feel like this something I have to do, meant to do. My destiny. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and I miss them terribly but it doesn’t feel right going back. They probably think Im dead by now. Its been three years. My little sister is sixteen now. Her birthday is tomorrow. Tomorrow she will be the same age I was when I left. The same age as I was when I climbed out my window without any warning to anyone I knew. Dressed in all black I left without any thing, and nowhere to go. That night I went to a cheap little motel, I had little money so I wasn’t looking for a five star place. I fell asleep quickly and the next morning I spent six hours staring at the wall, thinking of what I was going to do. I had three priorities; get a job, find a cheaper or even free place to stay for awhile, and get food somehow. After awhile I got ready to go and walked out the door. I walked down the street for no longer than ten minutes, when a short guy blocked my way. He had dark hair and his skin had a yellowish tint. Lets just say that he had some bad habits. ” Hey there pretty lady,” wait what? Oh no, I had heard stories about this kind of thing before but I never though it would happen to me. I was about to be abducted. Who knows what he would to me after that. I was not going to let that happen no matter how hard I had to try. I didn’t want to say anything back to encourage him, so I went around him and kept walking. And…. he followed me. After a few minutes of him calling me and me ignoring him, he tried to grab me. Thats when I started franticly running and eventually went into a small coffee shop to escape him. An hour later I decided it was safe to go back outside. Next I went to the train station, I was over Portland. While I was getting on the train I felt like I was being watched. I turned around and saw that no one was there. At the time I thought I was just paranoid, so I got on the train and rode till the end of the line. Eventually I had to get off and I ended up in a tiny little town. I didn’t even know the name. Even after I got off the train I still felt as if I was being followed. When I turned around I saw no one following me again. i thought I was going insane. Of course I wasn’t though. Soon I would find out what was really happening. I slept in an ally way that wasn’t completely horrible. That night I didn’t really sleep all that much. I was too scared that someone was going to hurt me somehow. The next morning I woke groggy and tired still from my lack of sleep the night before. I woke confused and for a moment I didn’t know where I was, but then I remembered. I left, I left my warm safe house and my loving family. For what? A dirty cold alleyway? For a long time I regretted leaving but couldn’t bring myself to go back. The next few weeks I slept in alleys and ate what the little money I had provided, or scraps from little stores garbages. I finally got a job and was making enough money to survive.It wasn’t much. A waitress at a run down crappy cafe. For awhile life was pretty good I had a job and slept outside on the streets. Every once an awhile I still felt as if I was being watched. I told myself that it was just because of the stress and I was going crazy. A month later I was working in the cafe when I saw a black shiny car with black windows so I couldn’t see inside. A man in black with a briefcase got out. At that moment I knew I had to get out of there. Somehow I just knew that man was coming for me. I don’t know how but I just knew it. The man was getting closer. I dropped my tray and ran for the back door. It was blocked by mire men. i hadn’t seen another car, they must have got out earlier. I ran for the side door, it was blocked too. I turned around and he was right behind me. And then I clued in. I wasn’t going crazy I was right. I was being watched ever since I left. Why, i didn’t know but I was. And now they had me and I had nowhere to go. “Hello.”  To be continued……..

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