The Amazing Umbrella Story

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“Bye Dad,” I shouted. I was making my way to the rock climbing wall in Middle Park. It was so tall most people though it is a mountain. My friend, Bill, knows a path to escape the line. If we got caught we would be banned. The path was hard to get through. There was a red umbrella stuck at the top of the wall. No one ever made it to the top. I was going to get that umbrella. I climbed higher and higher. I made it! My hand grabbed the umbrella and I floated down. I felt amazing!


  • Very cheeky but successful Allison! I had no idea that there was an ‘easier’ way to go up those climbs. You wouldn’t get me going up or floating down! Thank you so much for sharing your work this week!

  • Hi Allison
    I really enjoyed reading your 100 word challenge for this week’s prompt of five words and I love what you did with those words. You created a real sense of tension and I was instantly drawn in to see what would happen. You managed to create a sense of danger also by telling us that if you were caught you would be banned. I thought your idea of having the umbrella stuck at the top was excellent and I immediately began to wonder what kind of an umbrella was this and could it have magical power? Sure enough as soon as you reached it and grabbed it you were able to float! This is a very creative piece of writing. Well done and I do hope that you keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next one!
    Ms O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway Ireland

  • Awesome story! If that were me I would be proud of myself.

  • Wow! The detail in this story was awesome, you made it really easy to picture what was going on. I enjoyed reading this post. The link you see is to my blog. Come check it out.

    My Blog

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