The Ruiners

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I saw it. They say if you see it you wont be able to not. I cant see what I saw, but I understood it. I can sense it. The touch, the sound, the smell. I wont forget, the  touch, the screechy sound, the smell- I just cant explain. But the touch, the touch was a combination of anything I have every felt.  When I had touched The Object, I had a flashback, I saw my whole life. The touch, is supposed to make you feel happier, bring you back. But, honestly it made me mad. It made me angry, it made me miss everything I had left out on. Everything, that I was forced to do. The scar that was left in my mind had re opened and caused this. I was debating what to do.

I looked up and saw the menacing smile on him, “the ruiner” as I like to call him, the man that ruined my life. They say that I’m the reason why I have these feelings, but they know the truth just as well as I do, they ruined my life.

They have ruined many lives. Now, I must ruin theirs.

That Day the the “scab” was created. That Day was the day my life was ruined. They took me from my home, and I never saw it again.

But, at least I am not alone, I mean there is many other people scared by what has happened.

Today when I touched it- the thing supposed to make you feel better. They think it will make you feel better but instead it’s opposite, today is the day I win for once, today we will rebel and today, we will win.

I drank the forbidden drink- water, I needed the hydration, they keep us from staying hydrated so we won’t have the energy to do anything they don’t want us too. Many crazy things are forbidden, many of their crazy ideas limit who we are as a person. I want to go home, where I can stand for as long as I want, eat and drink what ever I want, I WANT TO see my family. To me these thoughts are supposedly forbidden. But how can they tell, I just need to give them what they want, and they don’t care.



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  • Thank you! This writing piece is fiction.

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