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The time was up, but I still heard the clock ticking. My eyes were blurred from fog that lay ahead and I could hear the screech from behind. But, I kept walking. My feet were probably the only part of my body that are actually working. I felt a force, pulling me towards my “destination”. But the funny thing is, I don’t know that destination, I don’t know where I’m going,  All I know is I cant turn back now. All that I have worked for would be gone. All I have fought against. Then I saw it, the tall figure, who claimed to be able to “fix” me. What ever had been wrong with me was clearly obvious, if one tall strange unknown figure can understand that I, Alex Matthews need to be fixed. Whatever I needed was nessacary.

I took a step back, examining the distance between the figure and I, I sure had enough distance to run. After what has happened in the past, I have came to a clear understanding that not everything is how it seems. I have furthermore understood to not judge a book by its cover. By this not judging someone or something by how they look. Even if they look nice, always remember , they are not  always how it seems.


  • Caroline- that was an amazing story! I really felt like I was there;) Great job!

  • Really?? Cool!! I just found the prompt and thought it looked cool:p

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Post Privacy Published on January 27 | Adventure & Fantasy
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