If the cows got out of their pasture what would be your plan to get them all back?

In this post, I am going to create a story that explains how I would get all of my cows back if they escaped from the pasture.

My name is Gavin, I am a farmer.  I own many cows, horses, pigs, and I even have an elephant.  Oh, I also have some chickens.  Anyways,  all of my animals are trained well.  They know my daily and weekly farming routines, and I treat them well, so they always show respect for me.

But… if the chickens got out of the coop, or if the cows disobeyed and left the pasture, then here are some of my backup plans.

If the chickens left the coop,  and I knew where they went,  I would talk to them, and tell them how much I needed them and depended on them.  If they didn’t listen, which they most likely would not, then I would use a rope to get them back where they needed to be.  I might either load them on the back of a truck, but if they finally listened, then I would walk them back to where they were supposed to be.

Consider that I didn’t know where my chickens had gone.  I might put up signs, assuming that they are all together.  Have you ever seen a lost dog sign?  Well, I would make “lost chickens” signs, and post them around my farm, alerting people that I was missing my chickens.  I also might also ask for permission to set up gates around the perimeter of the land.  If I still didn’t find them there,  I honestly don’t know what I would do.  You can tell that I love my chickens.

If my cows left the pasture,  for one thing, they would regret it.  I believe that I treat all of my animals with respect and that they have all that they need.  It would probably be the same as the chickens, but easier to find.  Here is why.  First of all, cows are larger, and easier to spot.  Also, they are slower, and couldn’t cover as much land as fast as the chickens.  Lastly, I think that I have more cows than chickens.

If my cows left the pasture, I would put up “lost cow” signs.  I would look for them, and also talk to others around me to see if they saw my cows.  I love cows, and they help me a lot, so I hope that they will never go away or if they did, they would be found soon.

Reply below if you like cows or chickens better. Thanks for reading!!


  • I like neither…… Pigs are better;) Ha! Great post Isabelle! Funny Story…;)

    • Thank you! I like pigs as well!

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