Write the conversation between these two people. Use context clues from the photo to help you understand what they may be feeling.

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Ana:”No that is not possible, you can not run for president! You do not have any experience!”

Dave:” Actually I do, I have been a mayor for 15 years and a Senator for 20…”

Ana:” Wait! You were a senator. Man , aren’t I learning a lot about you. Not that that’s a good thing.”

Dave:” Now young lady I suggest you take your snide commets back.”

Ana:” I am your age you imbecile! We went to college together!”

Dave:”I got higher grades than you. “

Ana: “Actually, you failed. You dropped out of college in freshman year.  You were a punk back then. By the way, whatever happened to Cindy, your girlfriend.”

Dave: “Do not bring back Cindy. It is still a sore spot.”

Ana: “You know you have a wife who is standing in front of you!”

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