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I walk through the mist and shadows, looking for him. You never know when and where he’ll be, but I thought I’d check his home first. I pad through the forest, as quietly as I can. Even though it’s just about sunset, the mist and fog makes everything darker. There seems to be no one else in the forest, so every step I take echos throughout. There are so many tall and thin trees, and the fog is so thick, I can’t see anything about 15 meters ahead. I keep seeing what I think are creatures, but just turn out to be the black and wispy shadows I have been seeing since I was a little kid. I don’t know what they are, or why I see them, but I call them “The Shadows.” The shadows seem to take the form of a tall human, but they don’t have a face, just a vaporous and sort of transparent blob. When they move, they don’t walk, they kind of hover and fly. They come out of nowhere, and can just fade away. They never hurt me, they just get on my nerves. They seem to show up in random times and places, but always when I don’t expect them. Though, these days, nothing is what you expect.

There seem to be a lot more Shadows today than on a normal day. There are usually about two or three, but today I spot around fifteen or so. This is the most I’ve ever seen in one place.

I place my foot on a twig and snap it. It rattles through the forest, the loudest of the sounds I’ve made. I freeze in place and wait for what may happen next. After a minute, nothing happens, so I resume my trek through the forest.

A minute later, I see something. As I step closer, I realize it’s some sort of a really tall girl. She has blond hair that hangs at her waist, and rosy cheeks. I near the looming girl, and realize she’s looking at me. She is staring at me with such intensity, it seems like she’s in some sort of a trance. Maybe the shadows were trying to warn me about her. She hasn’t said anything yet, so I speak first.

“Who are you?” I ask her. She keeps staring at me, and then she squints her eyes like it’s hard to see me. A moment later, she seems to regain her sight.

“I’m Mary,” she tells me. She looks like she is sizing me up, and it makes me feel small and helpless. “What’s your name, and what are you doing here?” she asks me.

“I’m Josephine,” I say, “and I’m looking for someone. He lives here, in the forest.

Her eyes narrow into slits. “I’m the only one who lives here. And you’re not supposed to be here,” she informs me. “You must go back to where you came from.” I start to get mad.

“So you’re telling me, I came all this way, and now I have to go back?” I ask, “This isn’t fair! You’re not in charge of me! You can’t tell me what to do! You’re just some giant, freakish, girl!”

At first, she looks hurt, but then her face turns red. “Intruder! This is my forest, and you’re not allowed here! I’m banishing you from here forever!” Then, she unexpectedly lurches forward and grabs me by the scruff of the neck. I yell at her to put me down, but she doesn’t listen. She puts her face right in front of mine, and breathes nasty, horrible breath. It must have something in it, because my head droops back and I get knocked out. I’m just fading into haziness, when I think I hear say, “Good thing she didn’t run away. She would’ve found him for sure.” Then I disappear into darkness.


  • This is an amazing story!!!

  • Great story! Have you thought of adding more?

  • There should be a sequal

  • the story was great

  • Are you going to make a part 2??

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