What is Body Dysmorphia Disorder?

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Body dysmorphia Disorder is commonly mistaken for anorexia due to its obsessions with flaws.(BDDFoundation) Though rather than these perceived flaws dealing with only their weight, in Body dysmorphia disorder (BDD) they deal with every detail of the person’s appearance.(BDDFoundation) Extreme plastic surgery is also an indicator of BDD.(BDDFoundation) In some cases the affected individual will actually believe that something is physically wrong with them, when in fact there is nothing there. This disorder hinders daily social functioning, causing most victims of it to remain inside and away from social interaction of any kind because of their ‘disfigurement’.(BDDFoundation) The Body Dsymorphia disorder Foundation helps raise awareness for this disorder. Even posting stories shared by many who have been affected by this disorder. Not many people understand that body dysmorphia is VERY real and crippling. In most cases people who have been diagnosed didn’t even know this was a disorder.(BDDFoundation) As I read the stories this site posted, I came to realize that this disorder ranges from mild to severe. One girl named “Erin” was even put in a psychiatric ward and given tons of medication when she was diagnosed; Erin had basically been delusional about having severe scarring on her face, while another girl named “Nicole” could not take pictures because she is ashamed on how she looks.(BDDFoundation) The famous artist Andy Warhol also experienced this disorder, along with Pop King Michael Jackson and pop singer for the group ‘Garbage’ Shirley Manson.(BDDFoundation) By raising awareness of this disorder I believe the people as a society could combat this early on before it causes extreme duress. This foundation actually includes links for help and questionnaires to help you decide if you should consult your physician on whether you have BDD. Most commonly the treatment for this would include Cognitive behavior therapy and medication.(BDDFoundation)

Official Website for Body Dysmorphia Disorder Foundation: http://bddfoundation.org/

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