Getting my first pet!!

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Getting my first pet!! It started when my mom and dad surprised us and said that we are  going to go look for a pet. We wanted a bulldog. We went to so many places and we could not find one:( About a month later… We found a perfect bulldog and it had 2 brothers and 1 sister, It was a boy!! But someone from New York  already bought  him and his brothers:( So we all said we want to go and see their sister named Sofia. We met up with them at Lowe’s. We loved Sofia!!! My mom went and picked her up like 2 weeks later! I was in first grade when we got her I was so exited that day!! When we got home my sister’s friend came over and we all held Sofia!! My mom did not like the name Sofia so we renamed her Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings a character name Sam Wise Gamgee!!!  We found out that she was a Shar Pei Mixed with a Bulldog!! She has spots all over her and she has a brown patch by her eye!! We love Gamgee and her birthday is January 4th. She is an amazing dog and she is 4 years old!!! Gamgee is amazing!!!


  • great job Cassie!!!!! I really liked it :D

  • That’s cool! Did you want a bulldog like the rest of your family?

  • This is a good story!

  • Wow! Good job Cassie! Really cool puppy that you have.

  • Wow Cassie! That sounded like a great Adventure to find the perfect dog! I also really loved her name. It is so Beautiful Cassie! keep up the good work!

  • So cute!! Great job Cassie

  • Hi Cassie! My class and I read your story, and we really liked how you described the excitement you felt when you first got your dog. Could you add a little more about what kinds of things you do with your dog? You could also describe more about your dog’s behavior. Maybe you could consider taking out some of the parts that repeat, like saying how your dog is amazing a few different times.

  • Hi Cassie! My 2nd grade class read your story and we are working on giving great feedback. 6 of us can make a connection to your story because we also have a dog. We are so happy for you because we know that dogs can become a part of our family. However, none of us actually have a bulldog. How do bulldogs behave? Is there anything that makes a bulldog special or different than other dogs? One suggestion we had was we noticed you used exclamation marks all throughout your writing. We can tell that you are excited because you used so many exclamation marks. We also think if you changed a few of your sentences to end in a period or a question mark your writing would be more interesting. At some points it felt like you were yelling at your readers because of the amount of exclamation marks you used. We really liked how you showed us how you felt and your emotions in the story. Keep writing! :)

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