Put The Brakes On Distracted Driving

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by : Emma
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Based on the information and statistics I have found one can easily conclude that Distracted Driving is a very prominent issue in today’s society. In a single year over 3,000 people lose their life to this issue. Although this is such a great problem in our society we see it happening around us all the time and no one seems to take a stand against it. When you get behind the wheel these distractions seem so simple and insignificant that we often do not even think of them as distractions. Paying little to no attention to these everyday distractions tends to put us in extreme danger without our knowledge. On March 16, 2015 I lost the most influential person in my life due to a distracted driving accident. By writing this blog I not only educated myself more on the dangers but I also but the information about them out for the world to see. I hope that by me taking a stand along with others to end this epidemic we can save a life and prevent the pain that I feel each day. Each time you get behind the wheel you are taking a risk but minimizing that risk takes minimal effort. There are many serious solutions to this issue that need to be taken into consideration such as laws and regulations that limit the amount of distractions you have behind the wheel. Although I believe something needs to be done to help minimize this issue and put the brakes on distracted driving I am not sure that adding more laws and regulations is truly necessary. I feel as if we should all take matters into our own hands and be responsible by putting up our cellphones and staying focused while driving. No one seems to think of the possible consequences of driving while distracted when they are doing it but these consequences could be as serious as death. I think that educating our future drivers on this issue will help to lower the numbers of injuries and deaths we see each year due to distracted driving. I also think another way to help out is to limit your usage of cellphones while behind the wheel and try to take your eyes off the road as little as possible. With all of the advances in technology in the past few years it has brought about a significant increase in the statistics of driving while distracted. Although cell phones and technology are blamed most for the deaths and injuries of people behind the wheel distractions can not only be limited to that. There are a wide range of things that feed this problem in our society and it can not be pinpointed to just one cause. One thing is for sure though, Distracted Driving can be prevented and we as a society need to work harder to prevent further injuries and deaths due to this cause. Only you have the power to put an end to this rise in statistics, only YOU can help. Each time someone drives distracted they are putting everyone around them at a greater risk of death or injury, not just themselves. Often the drivers apathy to the issue is because they do not think of the fact that they’re potentially harming others as well as themselves. If you can not do it for yourself limit those distractions for the safety of others. From now on put down your cellphone, fix the radio while stopped, and only take your eyes off the road when completely necessary! As a society we can recognize that Distracted Driving is a serious issue and that we should all work to control it. Help put the brakes on distractions!

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