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The Doughnut

One day Mr. Dough went to the market to buy some sprinkles so he could get ready for the circus.

When he got to the market, there were so many choices to pick from: sparkles, rainbow, blue, red, green, pink, orange, purple, and many more!

He knew right then and there, that he had to buy all of them!

When he got home, he tried all of the sprinkles on, and of course they all looked perfect, but he didn’t know which one looked the best!

Then there was a knock on the door!

It was Mr. Taco with his sprinkle machine! He said,”I heard you needed help to pick out your sprinkles”!

“Yeah, um could you help me, I don’t want to be late to the circus,” said Mr. Dough

“Sure,” said Mr. Taco.

So he pulled out his sprinkle machine and got to work.

Meanwhile, in Mr. Dough’s head, his emojis where going crazy!!!

Then Mr. taco turned on the sprinkle machine and pressed a random button and ……………………BOOM!

The lights went off and Mr.Dough was wearing glow in the dark Sprinkles!!!

Finally Mr.Dough found the perfect pair of sprinkles so he could go to the circus!


  • the dounut looks good

  • i agree this story is about finding the perfuct thing to wear

  • Great, amazing, and funny

  • This is a great story.It was funny. It made me hungry just reading about it.

  • good job you rock

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