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Here are the questions you need to answer for your Monochromatic Portrait Project Blog:

l. What helped you as an artist when you manipulated your portrait in Photoshop first? What made it harder? what helped was that it was visible where all the highlights and darks spots where since the color made it easy to notice. The hard part was getting the right colors to match those in the picture that was printed.
2. With the style we created in Photoshop, did we lose depth? Why or why not? Yes a little bit, since my picturing was small and when blowed up it came out more pixelated than it originally was.
3. Do you feel your project shows a developing style or does your style reflect the manipulation of Photoshop? I tried to make it more realistic rather than a painting. But I could have used more soft tones of green to make the realism come out more.
4. Did you give attention to craftsmanship? Where do you need to address this more? Yes, but since I started late in getting started with being absent, I rushed my painting process more. So that resulted in colors that do not match the picture. Also I could have cleaned up the edges and giving more defenition to his face overall.
5. What did you like about this project? What should I change for this project in the future? I liked that we could see how we can make portraits of someone using monochromatic colors. Seeing how everyone does their own intake of the picture.

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