Tell a story using this monster as your main character.

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One day there was a monster who was lonely and had no friends. He walked to school everyday alone, and everyday mean people dumped colored paint on him. When the monster got home, though, he would paint beautiful, detailed paintings. One day the teacher said for every one to bring in a piece of art they had made , because there was going to be an art contest. When it came time for everyone to bring their art to the cafeteria to get judged his class went first. Once all the names of kids in the class were called and their art was scored they called the monsters name and said he had won. The class prize was all the colors of paint. Then at the end there was a prize for the winner of the whole school. The lonely little monsters name was called again and he won an easel, a pottery wheel, paint brushes, and colored pencils and crayons. He was so excited and everyone cheered. From that day on the monster never got paint dumped on his head, was ever made fun of, and was no longer lonely, but instead, happy.

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