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If no one ever disobeyed what was considered acceptable, a nation or group would never reconsider their way of life to consider if they are wrong and correct their mistakes. For this reason, I agree that disobedience is a valuable human trait and it promotes social progress. Society comes up with these ideas that become normal in that society. For example, in history, the Americans in the United States were oppressed by the British that ruled over them. People had to break laws sometimes or disobey, like when they dumped the tea into the harbor, in order to make a point. This started the movement that freed America from their oppressive government and promoted the progress into the nation that the United States of America is today. Without that rebellion, a highly successful country would never have been formed.
Other wonderful things have also come about from rebellion. It was illegal for slaves to read or write back when slavery was prevalent in the United States. However, if the African Americans had never rebelled against those laws and fought their white oppressors, they would never have gained freedom. Books, too, contain examples of when cruel treatment and oppression led to people feeling the need to rebel and light the spark to start a change. The characters in the Hunger Games that rebelled against the government were being killed for what they were doing and very few people wanted to side with them because they knew it was against the law. The characters stuck to the plan, though. They rebelled and disobeyed and fought the authorities. In the end, they won and were able to defeat the bad government in order to progress into a better country. Rebellion comes a great cost. Hundreds of people died on both sides in order for the bad situation to be made better. The country of Panem became great and a happy, equal place because a single group had the courage to break the law in hope for a better life.
People need to question their authorities because they aren’t always right. If people let government, authorities, or any leader have total say and control then it becomes a dictatorship. People question the laws and the authority and it makes people reconsider what they have always known to be true. If someone can hear another side, they can consider that side and maybe change their mind. There are two sides to every story and sometimes it only takes the acknowledgement of the other side for people to see the wrongness of the current system. Once the other side is recognized, two sides can talk about it and come to a better, middle-road decision. If the government refuses to come to a compromise or is unwilling to listen, people have every right to fight. Even in the Bible, Christians are given the ability and responsibility to revolt against a government that goes against God’s will. It’s the responsibility of the people to make sure we are doing God’s will and pleasing Him in the world. For the good of society, people have to stand up for what they believe is right so that others can chose what they believe and, if they are inclined, they can fight, too. It’s up to the people to fight for what’s right and, in doing so, promote a better place to live in.

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