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While I don’t believe that disobedience is valuable, I do believe Wilde’s original claim in which he says, “It is through disobedience that progress has been made.” Disobedience definitely is not something people should look up to, value, or even strive for. But without disobedience, we would not be where we are today.

Disobedience leads us to the wrong choices, which lead us to mistakes. I personally think we learn better from mistakes than from anything else. I do, anyway. For example, if I fail a test, I learn to try better next time. And the reason for my failure is due to disobedience: I didn’t listen when my teacher told me to study. Had I not failed the test, I wouldn’t have had the same drive or motivation to do better the next time. Without disobedience, I wouldn’t have pushed myself to do better. I wouldn’t have made progress.

While disobedience can give you benefits in the long run, again, it is not something to value. It is not good that I failed the test, and it’s not something I should try to do again. So I can’t say agree with that aspect of Wilde’s observation when he claims disobedience is a valuable trait. I do agree with the rest of it though. It is in human nature to disobey sometimes because we are sinful human beings, but the least we can do is learn from our mistakes, better ourselves, and make progress from the mistakes we caused from our own disobedience.

Another example is Mr. Zill’s son who spoke at a chapel last year. Earlier in his life, he made many mistakes that were caused by disobedience. However, the consequences of his actions were much worse than that of failing of test. He went to jail, had to pay a lot of money for damage of property, etc., but at this point in his life, he is a strong Christian and does not make the same mistakes he once did. He disobeyed the law when he was younger, but that is what helped him to better himself. He did not want to go through the same things he went through before; he did not want to continue to disobey the law. He made progress based off of his previous rebellion. He would not be at the high point in his life that he is at today had he not rebelled in the first place. At least that is what I take from his story, and from Wilde’s quote based off of his observations.

We all are the same in one way or another. Whether it be by disobeying the law, our teachers or parents, or something else, we all have rebelled at some point in our life. While we cannot do anything  about what we’ve done, we can do something about what we chose to do because of it. We can go on to make progress from our mistakes, and that is definitely something to be valued.

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