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Never thought he would become such a generous person. My brother Thomas is 19 and annoying and always will be. Throughout our childhood, he would call me names and we would fight like actual fist fighting. We rarely got along, the only time he would be nice is when I was actually injured and would result in him getting in trouble so that’s when the caring actually showed to make sure I was alright and wouldn’t tell Mom and Dad.

Everything changed during the end of my junior year in high school. He started giving me advice on college, senior project and making me sign up for more SAT dates and telling me that I need to study. Even though he was stressing me out to my maximum, I knew it came with love. My parents; Gale and Tom Rybicki have been telling how my brother is jealous over my social skills and my foreign language skills. Thomas is a very smart but not very social, he doesn’t even talk to me and my parents because if we ask too many questions it will overwhelm him and he says “too many questions, I am done talking” it’s very annoying especially when I try to talk to him about college. Even though his annoyance hasn’t changed his heart has. Hoping that I don’t make the same mistakes he did during his senior year, to get everything done early and on time. He will always be my loving big brother, even if he doesn’t show it.


  • Your brother is a really great guy. He is very kind and helpful. What ever he is doing I am sure it is to help you out in the future but you don’t realize it now. -Mark

  • That is amazing! Even though your brother might be jealous and socially stressed at times, he is still is helping you succeed in life. As an older brother myself, I know how hard it is to spend time out of a busy day to help siblings. You should definitely enjoy your remaining months with him before college. In terms of writing your story, I suggest that you base this story around an event that includes your brother’s changed behavior. This event will provide structure since it gives you a climax to build up to (with tension), instead of just a continuing story. Keep up the good work!

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