#GRA16 Teachers: Get Started

#GRA16 Teachers: Get Started

Welcome to the 2016 Global Read Aloud!

This Group is designed to connect your classroom with other classrooms participating in the Global Read Aloud through visual writing starters (IDEAS), student responses (POSTS) and commenting between participants. Use the documentation below to promote authentic writing connections centered around great books!

Get Started:

Teaching Resources:

Before GRA Kicks off…

During the GRA…

2016 Book Groups:

Use the GRA 16 general Group [12] to share content and make connections!

Classroom Connections:

You can have your class use the public GRA Groups above for students to share their writing as well as read/comment on other student writing. Many teachers also want to connect directly with another teacher or a small group of teachers to create a more private sharing space. Follow these steps to accomplish that:

  1. Find another teacher who wants to connect their class with yours
    • Look for teachers on Write About who are sharing Ideas and Posts to the GRA groups or on the site in general -OR-
    • Use the #GRA16 and/or the book-specific hashtags on Twitter, the GRA Facebook page or any other means to find that person
  2. Make sure you both have Write About accounts
  3. On Write About, you can click a member’s avatar or name to go to their page. Search their name here: writeabout.com/members [13] or ask them to send you a link to their “My Page” ie writeabout.com/members/hans3595 [14]
  4. Click to that teacher’s profile page and use the “Add As Connection” button to connect.
  5. One teacher sets up a Group and invites the other teachers to become Admin or Moderators in that Group [see Groups help [15]]
  6. All teachers add their students to that Group

Posting a “connection wanted” on Write About:

  1. Start a Post by clicking the Write About button from this Idea [16]. To start using your own image instead, click the white ‘pencil’ icon in the top left corner of the page.
  2. Be sure to customize the Title (including your grade level) and then pitch your collaboration ideas!
  3. Share your Post with the #GRA16 Group [12] and/or a book-specific GRA group!
  4. Other teachers can respond with a comment
  5. Click to that teacher’s profile page and use the “Add As Connection” button to connect.
  6. Once connected, you’ll be able to send private messages to coordinate the collaboration.

Have fun! Questions can be quickly addressed by sending a message to info@writeabout.com

Get your colleagues and connections involved by sending them to writeabout.com/GRA [17] and connect with us on Twitter @mywriteabout  [18]

-The Write About Team