Interview with Aunt Sponge

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Interview with Aunt Sponge


Claire: “Hello, what are three words to describe you?”


Aunt Sponge: “Well, Claire I think that I am beautiful, kind and loving.”


Claire: “Well ok then, what do you think of James?”


Aunt Sponge: “James is a little kid that is very naughty and useless.”


Claire: “Aunt Sponge Those are very strong feelings, What do you think about your sister?”


Aunt Sponge: “My sister Spiker is definitely not as pretty as me but Spiker is an ok sister.”


Claire: “This my last question for you.”


Aunt Sponge: “Ok well let’s get this over with.”


Claire: “ How did you feel when you saw that peach coming towards you?”


Aunt Sponge: “ I was honestly terrified. When the peach came I could not move then all of the sudden something heavy was on me and all I saw was black .”


Claire: “Well, then thank you for your time Aunt Sponge.”
Aunt Sponge: “Your very welcome Claire.”


  • I like how you included the sassy of aunt Sponge

  • Commas would be helpful after well

  • Nice job Claire I like the way you used your name so they know who wrote the interview.

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