Interview With James

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Interview With James


Me: “ How are you James?”

James: “ Good all though the eating peach for lunch, breakfast and dinner is kinda getting old I feel like I’m going to puke.”

Me:“ Okay so, I’m going to ask you some questions is that alright with you?”

James: “ Yea, sure go ahead.”

Me:“ So, what are your frights?”

James: “ My frights are sharks and bugs and insects.”

Me: “ But you were in a peach with bugs, insects and you were surrounded by sharks?”

James: “ Yea, but I faced my fears except the sharks.”

Me: “ So, do you like Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker.”

James: “ No, in fact they are the worst ones in the world!”

Me:“ Well, why do you say that.

James:“ Well, because they left me outside last night and didn’t care, they won’t feed or anything. Oh and worst of all they won’t even let me go play.”

Me: “ Why are you even living with them?”

James: “ My parents are dead and I have no siblings.”

Me: “ Oh, sorry I asked.”

James: “ No, It’s fine anyway back to questions.”

Me: “ Thank you for your time James have a nice day.”

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