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In Martin Luther King Jr’s response to a group of church workers discussing there disappointment in the actions that King has taken to insure his purpose is made known, King says these words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” in paragraph four of his response. King understood how destructively cause and effect could work. Not only did he understand this, but he also noticed that those forces could become constructive if expressed in reverse. Meaning, if action is taken to provide all with justice and fair treatment, it is only a matter of time before a vast majority of injustices are swept away completely. Martin Luther King also had a good understanding of the sinful nature of human beings and the lack of fairness from time to time. This is not the fault of anyone in particular, but sinful human nature is to blame.

Injustice can act as a domino affect. This line of dominos starts all the way back to how a single individual was raised and developed. If said individual has been raised with a twisted understanding of the value of all people, no matter the pigmentation of their skin, they will continue to believe those things. These people join with one another and together raise the public to see people of color as “inferior” to themselves. This continues to spiral out of control until all people are on the same page, or someone halts their progress. That is what King sought to do, and along with his own group, may have slowed them considerably. King knew things would continue to get worse unless someone rose up and challenged the oppressors. He knew the consequences, but for the sake of millions of colored American people, he fought back.

I find the quote mentioned in the beginning very compelling. My reason is the obviousness of the affect. Today we see displeasing and unjust things being done, and yet, people are still responding with positivity toward the disturbing issue because of the acceptive response of their peers. Take abortion for example. This heinous crime takes place every single day and people just accept the fact that innocent lives are being destroyed. Countless numbers of evidences showing the lives of unborn children have been found and shown to multitudes, and still this act is completely acceptable to many in our nation today. This injustice has spread across America and people are becoming desensitized to the lives others are signing away. This shows the affect a single injustice can have on the entirety of a nation.

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