Tell a story using this monster as your main character.

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Once apond a time there lived a monster named Bomb, Bomb lived in a small town named Monsterousville. There were discusting food which monsters like.

Bomb lived with his parents and e is only 12 years old and he has 2 brothers and 1 sister. His 2 brothers names are Bobby and Carl and his sisters name is Rebeca.

Rebeca hated Carl and Bobby because they always picked on her and Bomb told them to stop and they didn’t stop so Bomb told his mom and dad which his mom’s name is Annie and his dad’s name is Jack. His mom and dad put Bobby and Carl in their rooms.

One day Bomb asked his mom for $30.00 and his mom said yes. When Bomb went to the store he saw a monster blade and it was only $5.00 he grabbed it, then he saw dress shoes for his sister and it was only $5.00 he grabbed it and put it in the monster cart’ then he saw a ring for his mother and it was only $5.00 he grabbed it, then  he saw 2 monster blade for his 2 brothers and it was only $5.00 he grabbed it, then he saw a boy ring for his father and it was only $5.00 he grabbed it and went to the regester and the total was $30.00 he pay for it, when he got home and the stuff he bought he gave the 2 monster blade to his 2 brothers, the dress shoes to his sister, gave the rings to his mom and dad and they all was so supprised that they got the stuff Bomb bought.

One day Bomb went to the store with no monster money he was looking at something and then he walked out and then he got covered in paint and all of the monsters were laughing at him and when he got home he had to take a shower and then he was all cleaned up!




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  • i really like the picture and details that you put in your story.

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