Tell a story using this monster as your main character.

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Once upon a time there was a bear who live outside a school. One day there were students who could not go outside because there bear was going to scarce the students so we stay inside for recess so h got sad.the next day e got in the classroom he was in the project room he got out an scarce the students. Then he got happy so he put paint on himself.   Also he went to other schools and scare all the students in the school and told his family that he was scaring students.Then the family got spirit and went to other schools around the world and scare then.The next day they got happy and live happily for ever because they like scaring people because they are bears that like scaring people and students.The bear looked a scaring because his face look like a monster because he had one eye,two little hands,and two little feet. so they live happily ever after.       




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