Dear Miss Florian Letter

Dear Miss Florian,


I am glad that you had the idea that the district should read James and the Giant Peach. I can’t wait to so the play that  you are going to put on because I know it is going to be awesome. I don’t know how you’re going to do some of the scenes but maybe you could take some of our suggestions on them.

Miss Florian I have a few suggestions and comments on how you should do some of the scenes. First, on the scene that the peach rolls through the fence maybe you could weight the peach down so the people inside the peach won’t get hurt when they go through the fence. Second, when the peach falls off the cliff into the water you could have a small cliff that it could fall off of. Finally, in the scene that the peach gets carried up in the sky by the seagulls you could have wire on the ceiling so it can hold people up. I don’t know how you are going to do the scene where James drops the bag of the things that look like rice because they move around in the bag. Those are a few of my suggestions and comments for you.

I hope that you might take some of my suggestions into consideration about the play. I am hoping to go the play because I know that you are going to make it awesome and the actors will do fantastic also because they always do. I can’t wait to see the play and see how the props look and are made.

Sincerely, Owen