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Dear Miss. Florian,

I am very excited for the James and the Giant Peach play. I love the book. We are reading it right now .

I have a few questions and suggestions for you. First, what are you going to do when the peach is in the sky and the cloud men are throwing hail at the peach? I have a suggestion for you, the peach should be made out of paper mache because it is easy to break. For when the cloud men throw hail at the peach.

Secondly, on the clouds there should be fluff so it looks like they are actually on clouds. How are you going to get the characters to stand on the peach and not fall off? You could maybe make a board for the people to stand and sit on. The costumes for the cloud men should be all white then cotton balls on them. That would be really cool to have them covered up in all white. What are you going to do for hail stones when the cloud men throw them at the peach?

Lastly, are you going to make Aunt Sponge so fat and short?   How are you going to make Aunt Spiker so tall and skinny? What are you going to do when the seagulls come and pick up the peach? You probably need a lot of plastic seagulls to pull up the peach. How will you make a rainbow appear? You would probably do like a set change and just paint a rainbow for that scene.

Thank you for reading my paragraph I hope you like some of my ideas for play. It would be cool if you used some of them in the play.


Morgan M


  • Very nice questions, just make sure to indent.

  • I love your ideas! I thought of some of the same things. Great job Morgan.

  • We had some of the same ideas! I love your thinking and questions . Keep up the super great work Morgan!

  • I love how you asked so many great questions.

  • I loved the cloud idea and the cloud-man costume idea. Keep up the great work.

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