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Oliver Wilde makes the claim that disobedience is a valuable trait that it promotes social progress. I agree with this statement because it shows us that the world isn’t as perfect as it seams and that not everyone is all sweet like an angel. We need this disobedience to show us this and get our minds off the fact that this is a perfect world when it is not. There are many perfect examples in today’s world that agree with Wilde’s statement.

To clarify this statement let me put it like this. You have this small child that just assumes the world is just so perfect with butterflies and rainbows. Then they see that 30,000 people were killed in a terrorist attack. You have to explain to them that the terrorist was being disobedient and that this world isn’t as perfect as it seems because of those attacks. See disobedience can show not only a child but adults as well that people are bad people and the world will never be perfect due to sin.

The reason disobedience exists is because of sin. See, we as Christians believe that the first two humans ever created were holy and perfect like our God is. Then they ate the forbidden fruit, which was considered a sin because they disobeyed God. Because of that sin disobedience exists.  Just think, if those two people had not sinned and listened to God, none of this would exist but because they did, it does and we just have to learn from it and add it to a part of our society.

Another example that agrees with Wilde’s statement is a very well known topic, abortion. If you are pro-life you believe that a child is a child since conception. You also believe that it is against God’s word (if you are christian) to kill the helpless child. Our society is so prone to the disobedience that comes with killing that poor child that we are able to see that it is wrong and learn to fight for what is right.

Oliver Wilde has the statement that disobedience  is a valuable trait that it promotes social progress. The examples of abortion, and terrorism help support this idea in today’s world, and the biblical references show that this is true way back in those times. These and many more all help give evidence that disobedience is very valuable and helps promote progress in society ever since biblical times all the way up until today.

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