I jumped into a pile of leaves…and just kept falling…

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I kept falling for five hours, my stomach was hurting from hunger its if like I was starving to death.It has been five hours after I jumped in that pile of leaves,that took me where I am at, by the way speaking where am I am in earth still,some how I got back but it was diffrent it’s like if 50 or more years past because there was new diffrent kind of cars and tech. I first I thought it was a dream I tried waking up from my dream but didn’t work.I tried looking for my parents every where but it was no luck, I decided to get adopted in this new timeline.From that day on I tried to get back.five days later I had an idea,but I would need food for if it took the same time.My idea was too jump in a pile of leaves for five hours thats how long I took to get here.OK I was at a pile of leaves I jumped and thought of the time whene I first jumped in the pile of leaves and it worked it took me back home the only thing that change was the time to get back home it took me like 2 minutes too get back.I thought to my self that I could time travel put only whene I jumped in a pile of leaves Nd thought of a time in the past or future.The end…………………………………………………………………


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Post Privacy Published on October 20 | Adventure & Fantasy
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