Interview With Miss Spider

Interview With Miss Spider

      Interview With Miss Spider

Me: Miss Spider, what was it like when you first saw James come in?


Miss Spider: Oh it was wonderful to finally meet him in person. But he was rather nervous and scared.


Me: Was it exhausting to use all that silk and webs to use to capture the seagulls?


Miss Spider: It really was tiring but in the end it was all worth it to be able to save ourselves from the sharks.


Me: What were you thinking when you went down to the bottom of the peach?


Miss Spider: I was surprised to find that there was little dents, it was amazing that it survived.


Me: Was it really scary when the cloud men pelted the peach and at everyone on it?


Miss Spider: Oh yes it was terrifying. I couldn’t handle the noise.
Me: Well that concludes our interview I hope you had a nice time.