James And The Giant Peach Play

Dear Miss Florian,

    This letter  is going to be about your James And The Giant Peach production. I was hoping you will put these ideas into consideration. I am loving the book and hope the play is just as good.


These are some of my ideas for the play. Above, you see a image of some costumes, I thought these would be some nifty costume ideas.  Also, I was thinking to make the peach look like it was flying you could put up an amazing cloud background. Finally, I thought for when the cloud-men turn on the faucets you could have a few people drop a giant blue cloth to look like a large amount of water is pouring out of the faucets. I hope you like my ideas.


These are some of my questions about the production. First, I was wondering how you were going to do the chocolate river scene. Second, I was curious how  you were going to do the wispy cloud-men because I was thinking the costume crew could make a baggy white outfit. Third, I was wondering how you were going to get the seagulls to look like the seagulls are literally carrying the peach above the ocean.  That is most of what I wonder about the play.


Thank you for reading my letter of questions and ideas. Again, I hope you consider my ideas. Lastly, I hope I get to go to the production in January.                                                      



Abby R



  • Great letter Abby I’m impressed.

  • WOW! Your starting sentence is SO strong!
    Also,I really like that picture you used.

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