Dear Miss Florian

Dear Miss Florian

Dear Miss Florian,                                                                  


I am super excited that you are going to do a James and the Giant Peach play. I can’t wait to see it, I hope the costumes are very detailed.I hope a lot of people come to see the play.

 I have a few suggestions for the costumes that I’ve seen when I have been trick or treating. I think Centipede should have fake arms for how many he has, and for Glow worm you should put a flashlight at the bottom of his costume so that makes his butt glow. I was wondering how you were going to have the flying peach scene where the seagulls pull the peach to get it out of the water. I have an idea for inside of the peach scenery. I was thinking that you could do little sections where all of the characters had their own bed to sleep in. Also I was thinking that the pit could be a could be a cocoon for the earthworm to sleep in. For the flying peach scene I was thinking that you could do it at the very top of the ceiling and the seagulls could be little robots that look like seagulls. I know you are going to get good ideas.

I hope you take thought on some of my ideas. I can’t wait to see the production. I know that the JCA is going to be filled with guests.

Sincerely, Natalie