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by : Ava
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Dear Miss. Florian,



I am super excited to hear that you are making a play about James And The Giant Peach. First, when I was little I loved the movie. Second, in class we are reading the book and we are almost finished. Finally, I think that your play will be even better than the movie.


In your play I was wondering a few things and would maybe have some suggestions too. First, I was wondering how the peach is going to fly along with everyone inside. It would be cool if you made the inside of the peach the who stage with orange lights to make it look more peach-like. Second, are you going to use real water for when everyone gets rained on really hard? If so you might be able to lay out a tarp with a huge, short bucket to catch most of the water so it doesn’t ruin the stage. Finally, I wonder what all the cool costumes will look like, if you make them from your imagination or you get ideas from the movie or book.


I hope that my ideas will help you with your play. I am really looking forward to seeing it because of how much I like the movie and the book. I am excited to see how you will do the characters. I love all of your plays that you do and am happy to hear that you are doing another. Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Ava A.


  • Very nice, perfectly punctuated and just overall great!

  • I love how you wrote it but only james and peach need to be capital because and, the are just small words.

  • Very Good, I was wondering some of those things myself. Punctuated Perfectly. Great Job

  • I agree with Morgan and Alex! So great Ava. Didn’t even think of one of those ideas myself. Good job keep up the amazing work!

  • I love all of your ideas, especially the idea of the orange lights to make it look like James and the others are inside the peach. Great job!

  • My favorite suggestion that you gave to her was where you thought that it would be awesome if the stage was a peach.

  • Great job Ava! I love all of your ideas! I thought of those questions also. Keep up the awesome work.

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