Miss Florian’s Letter

Miss Florian's Letter

Dear Miss Florian,

We are reading James and The Giant Peach.I am so excited to go and see James and the Giant Peach the musical. I have some questions and suggestions for you.

First, how are you going to get all 502 seagulls in the air and what you are going to use for seagulls? Maybe you could use the strings that hold people up usually to have a flock of  “seagulls”. Also, how are you going to make it rain on the peach, but you can use confetti or something else. Lastly, what kind of costumes are you going to have for the insects and how are you going to make 42 legs on Centipede? You actually  can make only 38 legs because they will have arms and legs already.

I have a few suggestions for you also. The peach could be built on a stool a little high up. Second, for cloud man you can use something like the mattress stand object from “Once Upon a Mattress” and put clouds on it. That is all the suggestions I have for you. I am sure you are going to make it an amazing musical no matter what you do. Thank you for reading my questions and suggestions.


Alana B.