My Advice to Miss Florian

My Advice to Miss Florian

Dear Miss Florian,


    I think it’s great that you’re going to make a play about James And The Giant Peach. We are really enjoying reading it so far. Its really cool that the whole district is reading the book. I have some questions and suggestions now about the play.

 How are you going to create all the costumes and how are you going to show all 42 of Centipedes legs? Plus, won’t it be hard to do all the scenes because most of it is on and over water and there’s going to be rain? What if you make a little cardboard cut out of water and make rain noises in the background using a computer?


Another question is how are you going to get seagulls and so many of them? One suggestion for the seagulls is make them small but bold so people can be able to tell what they are. Plus, for Centipedes legs make a costume but have pant holes and then have legs on the sides. What if, for the peach, you can put on really, really strong strings.


Who are you going to use to be the actors and how are you going to get the cloud men? What if you choose people who are good at being quiet and put face makeup on them were it looks like air and then a pair of eyes to have that ghostly effect? I could make a good cloud man because I am quiet and good at being mysterious.


I believe Brian Ploeg would make a good James character, he fits most of the physical description and also he is friendly and smart like James. I also believe my brother, Colin Pendergrass would make a good Centipede because he is tall and cranky like Centipede.


I believe your play will be a wonderful idea and I am definitely going to see it.