My Letter To Miss Florian

Dear Miss Florian,


First off, I wanted to say thank you for suggesting such a great book! (James and The Giant Peach). I heard you are doing a play for the book. You have probably improved my vocabulary and I have learned quite a lot from just this one book. Before we were reading this book I do not thing I was as good of a reader. I would just like to thank you for that.


Secondly, I really wonder how you are going to make that GINORMOUS peach fly. Also how are you going to get people up there without the peach falling to the ground like a brick? I would find it very interesting to find out how that  would work. All of the people playing James, Miss Spider, The Grasshopper, Earthworm, Centipede, and The Lady bug all on the top of that giant peach.


Thirdly, I would like to know how you will get the actors/ actresses to get the voice of aunt sponge and aunt spiker. That would be very interesting, as well as how you are going to pick the rolls for James and Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge and everyone else in the book/play. It must be quite fun to pick everyone for roles in the play.


Fourth Off, How are you going to make all of that water fall? “Like an ocean just fell on us!”? It would be really neat if you could respond with an answer that resembles how you would make that much water fall on them. As well as how are they going to dry off so fast, or are they going to dry overtime? If you could respond to any of these questions that would be awesome!



Alex Mrs Barr’s Home Room


  • Hey Alex, nice job! Remember to indent for every paragraph. But it was very good.

    • Oh yeah, I forgot. I copied and pasted the one where I did not indent. But thanks for the feedback!

  • Hey Alex I like what you did but the grasshopper does not need the in front of it because he is a proper noun.

  • I think it is great Alex! I love all of the details you put in to this.

  • GOod use of a simile Alex! “fall LIKE a brick.”

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