Runt And Pax

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Runt looks up to Pax as an older brother. I see that in my friend Abby from church. She’s two years younger than me and always wants to be with me. I feel like it’s a serious responsibility. At the same time, though, it’s also REALLY cute. Not to mention the way she dresses like someone three years older than she really is. It’s adorable.

Above is my rendition of Pax and Runt. The position of Runt’s body suggests he wants to play because this is what a dog’s “do you want to play” stance is. A fox is, like a dog, part of the scientific family Canae. That’s basically a fancy way of saying a fox is like a dog. However, a dog is a canis domesticus, and a fox is a vulpes vulpes; none of its scientific name suggests any relationship to man’s best friend. As always, suggestions, requests, constructive criticism, and compliments go down below, et gratias tibi placet!

How about you? What do you think about Pax and Runt? Do you have your own Runt? I’d like to hear stories below!




    • What’s the story?

  • That is such an amazing drawing! You are such a good artist.

  • Audrey that is such good thinking! it is very true Runt looks up to Pax. Do you think this will effect Pax’s descion to go with Peter if they find each other? I don’t have my own Runt, but I do have a Pax! My Pax is a great writer, smart, funny, and she inspires me. Keep being the best writer you can be!

    • Aw, thanks Dani!! All these comments are really encouraging. My advice to you? Just stick with it!

    • P.S I think you have talent! You are an amazing artist and thinker and a natural born writer!:):):)

  • Great story I really love it! You have such good vocabulary. The story was so kind to your friend Abby. Also your picture was very detailed and neat. That drawing was so good it blew me away. I have a little Runt, she’s a girl named Mosi, and I think she would be just as excited as Runt to play with Pax.

  • Great post! It is a very thoughtful connection from pax to the real world. Your drawing is amazing! I also have someone who looks up to me. My little cousin Drake, is 5 years younger than me and wants to do anything I do. It feels really good to know that someone looks up to you. Also when you have someone look up to you, you feel like you can do anything. In all, I think having someone like runt to look up to you makes you a happier person.

  • Audrey you have awesome drawings. And I also have a dog named Yoggi

  • I have my own runt. I don’t have a fox runt but I have a sister runt. My sister Devin copies everything I do. When I started travel soccer she wanted to do soccer. When I started competitive gymnastics she wanted to do gymnastics. She copies everything!!!!!

  • Just a quick sketch. If you do want to see something bigger and better, let me know! ^_^

  • Hi i’m from new Zealand! Your post is amazing! My sister is my runt, Wherever i go she follows. usually I have to make decisions for he,. Although we get along rather well. I wish I had a pax or someone I could look up to.

  • I like how you made a connection with your life.

  • Your drawing is so good! I love how you always write XOXO Audrey at the end of all your posts. I do not have a Runt but I really wish I do. My parents have allergies to lots of animals so I can’t get one😓 Your writing is insanely good and i wish I could write like you😄

  • I LOVE your drawings. You are so meaningful and peaceful. You’re also very repetitive in a good way. You are always telling us your thoughts and i really understand you!!!

  • Thats very thughtful. I have a Runt, his name is Buddy he would be just as excited and Runt would. Buddy is full of energy just like Runt would like when he would be playing with Pax

  • Audrey, do you ever have someone like Runt to annoy you? Or are your Runts sweet and peaceful? Do you ever find taking care of a Runt is difficult? Please tell me I would LOVE to know!!!!

  • Your drawings are amazing! I don’t think i will ever be able to draw that good.

  • I have a runt her name is Alexandra McQueen aka merf. I would be nothing with out her licks to my face and her playfulness. She is so cute and she brightens my day when I feel down every single time. She is a cotton ball on legs . Her breed is a Coton De Tulear. Which means something about cotton. . . makes sense. I love her so much.

  • I can see the picture and know whats going on. and I can see whats going on in your writing too. You can show what you are thinking both ways.

  • Awesome post! My younger cousin Collin is alway at max energy and lives on fun! I agree that to have a person that looks up to you is one of the biggest boosts of joy that you can have in life

  • Wow, amazing drawing and post! Fortunately I do have a Runt who’s name is Charlie. Charlie is my younger cousin. He always has so much energy and always wants to play almost exactly like Runt. It feels good to be looked up to but it is also good to look up to others for good examples like me. I could also be the Runt because I sometimes look up to my older cousins and my brother. I guess I could be both.

  • How do you become an amazing drawer

  • I also have a Pax, he is Edson Arntes Do Nasimento or Pele a famous soccer player who grew up in Brazil. He grew up in poverty and played soccer with fruit. He never gave up which let him grow up to be the best soccer player in the world. Whenever I want to quit because i am facing a tough obstacle I think, what would Pele do? Then I remember that Pele doesn’t give up. Even though I have never met Pele he is still me Pax.

  • I have a runt. My Brother follows me everywhere and i mean everywhere!!!

  • Your drawings are so amazing! Animals are treated so un fairly! My pitbull used to be treated SOOOO un fairly. It is so terrible! I taught kids about pitbulls. So un fair. I used the #savetheworld on my instagram page nobody noticed… Than you started using it… You are famous!

  • I wish I had someone that would look up at me.

  • I am from Canada. I have a cat named JJ that acts like my runt. My cat follows me around everywhere. I love him soooo much! He is an adorable fat blob of fur. Kitties are awesome don’t underestimate them! Love them! Meow!

  • How do you think Bristle feels about Runt hanging out with Pax? Is she just being protective or is she jealous, scared? What do you think? Have you ever been protective over someone like Runt?

  • Amazing drawing Audrey! I don’t have a Runt, but I have something similar to Runt. My 4 year old cousin loves to do whatever I do. If I go onto a tire swing even though she gets sick on swings she still went on. She also, dresses like a mini me. You are the most kind, energetic, and generous person I know.

  • That was a really good post! Sometimes my sister is my Runt. When she looks up to me it feels so good like I’m so important. You made a really good connection.

  • I think I like Pax because he is a leader and I think it’s great to get to be a leader when you start growing older.

  • At the end of the book I was so surprised that Peter let Pax go even after they found each other. I predicted that they would stay together but I was wrong what did you think? 🙈

  • Pax was 100% an awesome book that was the match that set a string of ideas, predictions, drawings, and connections from millions of people like Audrey on FIRE.

  • My favorite character in this book is Runt because he reminds me so much of me! He is playful, energenic and cute!!! Please tell who your favorite character is an why!!! :J

  • Runt is my favorite Character because he always energetic, curios, excited and more. He also never stops going. He doges obstacles and never quits, thats why he is my favorite character. He is like my cousin Drake who is energetic, curios, excited and more. He looks up to me the way Runt looks up to Pax. Great Post Audrey.

  • Eg er fra Danmark
    Min hund (charlie) altid trøster mig, når jeg er gal eller ked

  • I think you should draw a picture of Francious.

  • Here in London I think Your comment is inspiring me. I think about all the Runt and Pax people.

  • I am a runt. I look up to my cousin Milka because she has done so many things for me, And even when see is in college she is still a inspirational person and a role model to me.

  • Aww… I love, love, love dogs!!

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