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I am a hamster and I just got adopted to a new family. She took me home in a box. At that point I new this was going to be a rough couple of days. The reason I say a couple of days is because i’m going bust out of the cage she puts me in. At least I think she’s putting me in  cage. I hear the car door shut and a sudden pull of gravity or something. Then I hear the window roll down and two hands come in the box and grab me. I am quickly thrown out the window and I am on the side of the road.I walk down the street and see a tall man with a sign and his and out doing a thumbs up. I quietly stay behind him, and a old, rusty Volkswagen pulls up. The man driven opens the door and lets the tall man inside.I quickly follow into the passenger seat next to the tall man. He doesn’t seem to notice me. But the driver does, he grabs me and puts me in a dry fish bowl beneath the steering wheel. I try to climb out but the glass is to smooth and slippery. ” Is this your pet?” asked the driver ” no that ain’t mine” says the tall man “then Ill give it to my daughter” says the driver. I knew my life was over after those last three words.

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Post Privacy Published on October 03 | Creativity
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