What things can you do to help the environment?

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Earth and life as we know it is dying. This is due to the actions humans have had on the environment, like pollution, destruction of natural resources, and the killing of numerous species on the planet. It is not to late though, we can still help our planet. In order to maintain and help fix the environment, humans need to be more conservative and conscious to what they do to the environment. This includes being aware of the impact on the environment, recycling and cleaning up the community, along with getting the word out about the effects people have on the environment. This would help reverse the damaging effect that humans have already had on the environment. People need to work together in order to protect and maintain our planet. If we all do our part in helping the environment, it will make the world a better place to live in.

Helping the environment does not have to be such a difficult and time consuming task.  People can do this by simply, recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum. In my family, we recycle and plant trees to help maintain the environment. If this is done, it would reduce the amount of waste produced by humans.  Besides recycling, people can volunteer in their community. They can pick up trash, plant trees, help wildlife, etc.  If these are done, it would make the environment cleaner along with helping the many creatures that live outdoors. You should do these things because it is our responsibility  to help keep our planet healthy. As humans, we depend on our environment for food, shelter, air, so we should treat is it with respect. It is not an impossible task, and it becomes easier as more people join to help preserve our environment.

Besides volunteering and recycling, people can support organizations that are dedicated to maintaining the environment. This would allow efforts in helping the environment increase. Some organizations include, The Sierra Club, National Audubon Society, The World Wildlife Fund, etc. Another thing that you can do to help the environment is helping in the effort of spreading the importance of nature conservation. It is vital that people learn about what they can do in order to help the environment, and the consequences that will occur if they do not. This is important because if people inform one another, there will be a greater following in the effort to help the environment. You can do this by simply talking to people that you meet, and encouraging them to do there part. This would make efforts easier and more efficient, along with getting help in fighting the problems that face our world.

These are just some of  the ways that I can help maintain the environment.  If these things are done, Earth will be able to sustain and provide for the creatures of our world longer. This is not a one person job though, it is up to everybody to work together in order to make the world a better place. Our environment is the reason why creatures are alive, so that is why we should treat it with respect. That is why and how we can help the environment. Remember, it only takes little actions in order to make big changes in our world.

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