Elf, Creepy… or Cool!

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I think an Elf On The Shelf is cool because it gives kids a chance to believe in magic. Say your kids don’t believe in Santa, if they have an Elf the will shortly start to believe. Also if your kids don’t wanna get up and ready for school in the morning they can get up and find the Elf. Elves always go back to Santa and report how good you have been in the day then the next morning they come and hide and kids get to find them! Kids get to express their creativity with an Elf. They get to look in the most creative places and give the Elf the most creative name. The Elf On The Shelf is not creepy it is cool.

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  • I agree with you that Elf on the Shelf is not creepy. My son’s had an elf show up at our house, and my oldest son said he thought it was a little creepy. After a few days of talking to our Elf, named Charlie, my son soon realized that he was not creepy at all! We all started to love Charlie and had so much fun looking for him each morning. You are right about kids wanting to wake right up! Looking for the Elf each morning made my mornings easier since my boys jumped right out of bed. Do you have your own Elf? If so, what is their name? I am impressed that you were able to write 127 words! Can you try to write more next post? Also, don’t forget about punctuation. Reread your story and see if you have any run-on sentences. Happy writing!

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